Friday, December 22, 2006

Geometry 12.6 notes

Geometry 12.6 Surface Area and Volume of Spheres

Sphere - is the locus of points in space that are a given distance from a point.

Chord of a sphere - is a segment whose endpoints are on the Sphere.

Diameter of a sphere - is a chord that contains the center.

Radius of a sphere - is a segment that goes from the center of the sphere to an endpoint on the sphere. It is 1/2 the diameter in measure.

Surface Area of a sphere = 4 (pi) r2

Volume of a sphere - (4/3) (pi) r3

Great Circle of a sphere - if a plane intersects a sphere, the intersection is either a single point or a circle.

If the plane contains the center of the sphere, then the intersection is a Great Circle of the Sphere.

Every great circle of a sphere separates a sphere into 2 congruent halves called hemispheres

Homework: worksheet 12.6 B