Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Geometry Chapter 1.2 Points, Lines and Planes

Chapter 1.2 Points, Lines, and Planes

I) Undefined Terms:

A) Point: a point has no dimension, usually represented by a small dot.

B) Line: A line extends in one dimension. It is usally represented by a straight line with two arrowheads to indicate that the line extends without end in two directions.

C) Plane: a plane extends in two dimensions, goes on forever.

D) Collinear Points: 2 or more points on the same line.

E) Coplanar Points: Points that lie on the same plane.

F) Line Segment: a segment of a line; consists of 2 endpoints and all points in between.

G) Ray: An initial point and all points one side of that point.

H) Opposite Rays: 2 rays that form a straight line.

I) Intersect: Two or more geometric figures intersect if they have one or more points in common.